"Casa Barranca is an integration of nature and culture." - Ojai Valley News

The Estate and it's Setting

For centuries, California's Ojai Valley has provided lush scenic beauty, solitude and spiritual comfort for its people-- from the peaceful Chumash Indians to renowned authors, composers and spiritual leaders. Aldous Huxley treasured Ojai for it's inner nature, and J. Krishnamurti called it "the most beautiful place on earth". Inspired by the breathtaking beauty of the Ojai Valley, Frank Capra used it as "Shangri-La" in his 1937 film classic, Lost Horizon.

In 1909 Charles and Mary Pratt came to the Ojai Valley seeking to escape the bustle of New York City. To build a residence appropriate for this spectacular setting, they turned to the most gifted architects of the Arts and Crafts movement, the brothers Charles and Henry Greene. Situated on a ridge commanding panoramic views of the surrounding peaks and orchards, the Pratt's built a winter retreat they named "Casa Barranca," meaning "house of the ravine."

Over the years, the town of Ojai has developed into a community where locals and visitors alike feel welcomed and embraced. From the "pink moment" sunsets, mountain peaks, fruit orchards and majestic oaks, to the village shops, galleries and hometown events, Ojai has something for everyone to enjoy.

Today, in keeping with the humble and pure ideals of the Arts and Crafts movement, the Pratt House and it's estate are powered by solar electricity, draw their water from artesian springs and are surrounded by an organic vineyard and gardens which are farmed on sustainable, permaculture principles.

The Casa Barranca Estate and Winery are not open to the public.